Tired of doctor’s office visits? Desire to improve your health?

Experience the quality pure essential oils that bring you natural healing power, balance, and better immune system.

Fight Allergies:
Recipe to make your own:
1) Linen spray blend to sleep better
2) Green natural cleansing spray blend without chemicals
3) Hand Cleanser to get rid of germs
4) Shower blend to boost immune system
3) Inhaler to protect

Saturday, 2/13/2016  from 3 – 4:30 p.m.
If this time does not work for you and you have a few friends who are interested in this topic, please let me know. I will come to your place or have you and your friends over
Marrakech Express• Moroccan Wellness Bazaar.

Marrakech Express• Moroccan Wellness Bazaar, 3650 Clairemont Dr. Suite 9 San Diego, CA92117

Cost: Free

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