Aura-Soma® Bottle #40: Yellow/Red "Sunrise/Sunset Bottle"

The Aura-Soma Color Care System

Good for body and soul.

People grow apart. Children grow up. Careers end. Change is a fact of life, and so is the stress that often accompanies it. During times of transition, it’s not uncommon to feel unfocused and out of balance. According Aura-Soma, “dis-ease” is “not knowing one’s place in life or the meaning of this life.” And this can take a toll – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The word “aura” comes from the Latin meaning: related to air, breath, or vapor; “soma” is the ancient Greek word for “body.” The Aura-Soma Color Care System – with its 110 dual-colored bottles, all-natural components, and crystal energy — offers a new way to regain balance in body and spirit.

Message in a bottle. Or in this case, four.

At your first Aura-Soma session, you will be asked to select the four bottles you are most attracted to at that moment. Each bottle you choose has a specific meaning, such as “Trust” or “Love” or “Living in the Material World.” There are no “right” or “wrong” choices. Your attraction to these bottles is simply a reflection of what’s happening in your heart. And the order of your selections also has a defined significance.

  • The first bottle represents your innate gifts, talents, and potential
  • The second bottle represents the challenges you face
  • The third bottle represents where you are – here and now – in relation to your potential and your challenges
  • The fourth bottle represents where you going, the energy you are drawing to yourself, and the future you are trying to create

My training as an Aura-Soma practitioner enables me to guide you to an understanding of what this all means in terms of the life journey that is uniquely yours.

The Aura-Soma difference

You will also be invited to open one of your chosen bottles and apply its contents to a particular part of your body. Unlike traditional color therapies, the healing color-energy of Aura-Soma is applied directly to the skin and is absorbed into the lymph system, blood stream, and the body’s water and organ systems.

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