Testimonials Bottle #43: Turquoise/Turquoise "Creativity"

Kari_Samuels_1009Kyoko is my muse! It’s like she has a magic wand that brings rainbow colors to everything she touches.

I am constantly amazed by her breadth and range of talents. I have access to some of the world’s best intuitives and designers, and Kyoko ranks at the top. I’ve consulted her for so many aspects of my life, it’s staggering how much she has helped me.

Her Aura-Soma consultations touched my soul, and helped me transform my inner life and outer world to new heights. I was so impressed with her abilities that I invited her to teach at my intuitive development classes. People were amazed! She had them hanging on her every word.

Such insight, intuition, and knowledge was provided that we all felt energized and inspired to perceive our world around us with awe and amazement, as she presented how color influences our emotions and our life. She truly brought new meaning and appreciation to our environment.

I trusted nobody else to assist me with the color and design of my website. I would say she read my mind, but it was so much better than that. Every design she presented was as if she knew my very essence better than me with beauty beyond measure. She’s such a wonderful, kind, insightful, funny, and magnificent person, I could go on and on. You just need to experience her magic yourself!

-Kari Samuels, International Psychic and Numerologist
www.karisamuels.com – New website coming soon!



RonyDoing Aura Soma color therapy with Kyoko was truly enlightening and eye opening!  I was amazed at how such an easy and simple process could so perfectly pin point my situation and provide clear guidance on next steps.

Kyoko is a wise, gentle and deeply intuitive healer and guide – she immediately honed in on my inherent gifts as well as the areas of my life that require some work. She was able to articulate her advice to me in a way that was easy to assimilate and inspired me instantly.

Our session opened me up to deeper parts of myself, allowed me to feel validated and authentic as well as helped me navigate through a time of transition, bringing more meaning, clarity and femininity to my life.  I highly recommend Aura-Soma to anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding of themselves and their life.

Thank you Kyoko!  I will definitely work with you again in the future!

-Rony Gerzberg Reingold, www.ronyreingold.com
Holistic Transformational Coach, Authentic Painting Classes



Marliese_BartsI was at a crossroads with my business when I met Kyoko.  The first thing I noticed was the way her calming nature put me at ease — I really needed that!  But I was a little skeptical about having a consultation because I’m a very analytical person.  I wasn’t sure how something other than a graph or pie chart could help me to make a decision.

I’m happy to say that a consultation with Kyoko helped me gain clarity, and that I’m now moving forward on a path that is a natural fit.  I’d recommend an Aura Soma consultation to anyone that is facing a big decision, or that is seeking clarity of purpose.

-Marliese Bartz, Business Black Belt



SorelKyoko combined her own beautiful sensitivity and intuitiveness with an amazing, almost miraculous color system to give my children and I a profound experience at her Mom’s & Daughter’s Workshop.  There was something very affirming about the message of the bottles that gave me a huge “green light” to embrace certain parts of myself and my own intuition about my life, my nature and my mission.  She also gave me very beautiful affirmations and deeper insights into my daughters.  I hold what she revealed to me about them very closely in my heart.  Thank you so much Kyoko!

-Sorel Dietzler, thesoulconnectors.com/speaking/sorel-dietzler/



Allison_whitecoat2_150pxMy entire office just had a color analysis by color expert, Kyoko Tanaka of Be Your Color. The experience was amazing! I picked a deep blue which represents communication from the heart, deep purple which connects with the healer in me and being a light for others, red for the make it happen energy, and turquoise blue for the expansion that is transpiring all around. Plus my awesome team members, Dallas, Ashley and Jared picked the same Turquoise which means we are all on point with our creative vibe. I highly recommend Kyoko for clarity on your purpose and your path –

-Allison Maslan, CEO, Allison Maslan International




Levine-0080I am so pleased to share my experience with Kyoko Tanaka, Owner of Be Your Color. Kyoko immediately made me feel comfortable as she explained her vast knowledge of the Aura-Soma Color Care System. She was able to answer all of my questions and listened carefully to my responses. She showed insight and established credibility which is very important to me personally and as a consumer. I would joyfully refer friends and colleagues to Kyoko and look forward to reaping the benefits of the product I purchased. Thank you Kyoko.

-Denise Levine, Outside in Organizer



PrintA few weeks ago, I had an Aura-Soma consultation with Kyoko that blew me away! By using this system, she helped me determine where I was in my life and what was holding me back from my highest potential.

I became clearer about my roadblocks and how I could look to the future with more determination and strength of purpose.

Due to her caring supportive consultation, I have moved forward with more ease. This process is truly amazing, just as Kyoko is!

-Karen Silsby, Awakened to Life



MICHELLE_PColor Therapy was a foreign concept, however, Kyoko made it a wonderful and educational experience.  From beginning to end, Kyoko explained each step of the process and provided a written summary of the consultation explaining the different color bottles I attracted and their meaning.  As a result of the consultation, I was provided a pomander bottle of my true color to ensure I continue protecting my aura and space.  I recommend this service to all who are in search of knowledge about yourself.

-Michelle Padilla, Founder of Food Passionista


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