Group Sessions Bottle #4: Yellow/Gold "Sunlight Bottle" 

Learn and Grow – Together

The Aura-Soma Color Care System provides valuable insights not just to individuals, but also to groups. If you’d like to understand and communicate in a more meaningful way with the people in your life – your spouse, partner, children, friends, or co-workers – I offer group sessions of varying lengths: Hop (Introductory), Step (3 months), and Jump (6 months).

Through Aura-Soma you’ll move beyond small talk and old patterns of communication that often cause misunderstanding.

And the process is stress-free!

Sessions – especially group ones — with a traditional therapist or counselor can sometimes be angst-producing. Not so with Aura-Soma. The process is painless, non-judgmental, and enjoyable.

For couples

Whether you’re newly-married or long-time partners, experiencing Aura-Soma together will open a new window for you into the mind and heart of your significant other.

For families

The language of color is one that parents and children (yes, even teenagers!) can understand. Seeing which colors members of your family choose and being guided to an understanding of what that means can help all of you grow closer as a family.

For the workplace

By helping to create an environment where co-workers and colleagues communicate with new understanding, Aura-Soma can have a positive impact on a business’s productivity and bottom line.

For you and your friends

An Auro-Soma Heart Color Workshop shared with friends is far more meaningful than Bunco, more useful than Tupperware, and all-in-all, a wonderful way to strengthen and deepen the bonds the friendship that are so vital to us as women. These workshops are offered monthly, as are group sessions based on art and design activities.

See Upcoming Events for available dates.

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