Aura-Soma Online Consultation

Interested in Aura-Soma? You are not in San Diego?
For people who live outside of central San Diego area can now have an Aura-Soma session through Skype.

You need:

  • A computer with video and audio capability.
  • A Skype account.
    (If you do not already have Skype on your computer you can download it for free by clicking here.)

How it works:

  • Please fill out the questions below that includes two questions that you want to focus on during our session.
  • Once your request is received by us, Kyoko will send you an e-mail confirmation which contains instructions for making a payment through PayPal.
  • Upon receiving the payment, Kyoko will e-mail you back with further instructions as well as appointment options for your online session.
  • A 45-minute Aura-Soma session by Skype to answer your two main personal questions is $90.
  • A 90-minutes Aura-Soma session by Skype and consultation on colors for your business  is $200

Please fill out the information below.

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