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This teleseminar includes an interview a graphic designer, Michelle Kelleher, Dezign Precision, Inc.

She will speak about:
  • What makes a good logo?
  • What is the best way to work with a graphic designer?
  • What you can expect from a graphic designer?
  • What to prepare for the first meeting with a graphic designer?

Can't attend the live webinar? No problem. We will record everything. But You must register to access it!


Here is the preview of what "Color My Success" program includes. . .

1. A 45 minute on-line Aura-Soma® color sessions.

From this session, you will get:
  • Full reading including your numbers.
  • Recording to listen over and over.
  • My hand written note during the session.
  • Finding your soul color.
  • Suggestion on colors that you need to take in at the moment to balance the chakra.

2. Additional interview with a marketing consultant, Rebecca Tall Brown, the owner of Triline Marketing, in December.

She will speak about:
  • What do business owners need to know before they talk to a marketing consultant?
  • What is the difference between marketing and branding?
  • What are the typical mistakes that the business owners make?

3. Facebook Private Page Access

Access to a private Facebook page to ask me questions about colors.

4. Receive a weekly Chakra Work Book with color of the week.

For 7 weeks you will receive a Building Business Chakra Workbook and questionnaire; along with each color psychology and example of logos in this particular color of each week. We will start with color red (the base chakra). Then continue to, orange, yellow, green, blue, royal blue, and purple. Starting January 2013!

5. Receive a list of recommended professionals

After your workbook completion, you will receive my recommended list of professionals that will guide you along the process of building your vehicle, your business. These listed people are heart-centered professionals just like you and ready to help your business soar!

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