Aura-Soma Pink

Pink is an intriguing color in that it is more than just a mixture of red and white. It is a color that has a number of interesting impacts on the human mind. This may even be used in the Aura-Soma process of healing. Overall, it has a tone that is light and is very positive as it creates a relaxing feeling that will ease anyone’s mind.


A Feminine Yet Sensitive Approach


For most people, pink is often associated with feminine feelings. This is because of its use for being symbolic of love and for nurturing a person. It evokes feelings of sweetness and energy. It particularly makes a person feel as though a person or other entity that heavily utilizes the pink color is innocent and safe to be around.


The biggest part of why pink is associated with these feelings is because it has a sensitive side to it. Pink is noted for creating a friendly atmosphere. It gives off a feeling of being kind and generous to others while also respecting the needs that other people might have.


Physiological Points


Pink has many physiological considerations worth exploring. It is a color that symbolizes warmth, femininity and sexuality. It suggests a sense of inner peace and relaxation.


A Calming Color


Pink is particularly known for being a calming color. That is, a person who is found to be aggressive may become calm after being in a room filled with pink colors for an extensive period of time. This makes for an interesting color to see when it comes to personal energy management.


This is especially great in the Aura-Soma process of healing as pink is referred to in this case as a symbol of unconditional love. This will influence the energy and emotions that move through the chakras to create a relaxed sensation. This is used to ease the mind and body as the chakras begin to feel less pressure.


Are There Limits?


Although this is an appealing color, pink does have its limits. It’s been found that an excessive amount of pink can make anyone feel a little too weak. This is due to the light nature of the color. In some cases it may even get some people to feel emasculated. This is primarily due to the feminine approach that comes with this color.


It is amazing as to how pink is used in so many ways. This is a relaxing color that has a very positive mental aspect to it that makes it such a popular color. It is especially useful for healing purposes.


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