Yellow is a bright primary color that stimulates the mind and encourages creativity.  It is a good color for growing children; it helps them to get thinking and moving.  It is a color found in children’s toys, as well as products and services involving academic tutoring.  When yellow is combined with another primary color, stimulation gets kicked into overdrive.

Yellow promotes fun and playful entertainment services and products.

Like red, yellow is a good color to use when you want to draw attention.  Traffic lights turn yellow for a reason: it warns drivers to slow down and anticipate the red light that will follow.

If you have an important message to convey or an expensive item to sell, avoid yellow.  Yellow must be used carefully or otherwise, it can give a cheap impression.  Additionally, the particular shade of yellow is important.  Mustard yellow comes across as muddy and therefore isn’t popular when used in advertisements.

Business Cards:

For journalists, teachers, entertainers, and anyone else who uses their left-brain heavily, yellow is a good color.

Yellow can be a good color when used in combination with a dark color in order to make your message stand out.


Too much bright yellow on a website is hard on the eyes but a creamy, soft yellow is a good color for background. It’s always a good idea to temper yellow with a darker color in order to make it playful.


Yellow is sacred and auspicious in China and India, but is the color of mourning in Egypt.

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