Purple is the color of the dream world and indicates spiritual enlightenment.

Purple often suggests high quality.  It is a good color to use in your marketing materials if your service and products aim to provide premium level satisfaction to your customer base.

Purple will put forth a creative vibe and is therefore not often used for businesses that are in institutional-related fields.

Purple is a color that works well with gold, taupe, turquoise, jade green, deep red, magenta and yellow.  For example, when combined with orange, a unique, contemporary look is created.

Using Purple in Business

Purple portrays wealth and extravagance when combined with the richness of gold. However, gold used on a website has a tendency to look like a dull yellow on one’s computer screen; this is not a particularly positive look to have in one’s message.  However, purple and gold work very well on packaging and other printed materials.

Purple also creates a feeling of luxury, and suggests the offering of a quality product, especially when combined with gold and silver.

Purple is a good color to use in advertisements targeted towards young children and teenagers.  Lavender is suitable for products and services geared specifically towards the female market.

Business card:

Purple business cards suggest imagination and spirituality.

Holistic businesses that promote the connection between the body and soul tend to use purple.

Purple is related to fantasy, dreams and mental stability.  Artists and “New Age” service providers can best promote their businesses using the color purple.

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