Green is associated with nature. It is good to convey environmental messages.  It is also a nurturing, relaxing, renewing color that evokes new life. It’s also about space, balance, and harmony.

Green is also the color of money; in the United States, our paper money uses a darker shade of green. It is a color indicative of growth and vitality. On the other hand, too much green can lead to greed and envy: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.“

For business, green is beneficial for anything to do with natural products concerning the body, health and healing.

It also suggests clean, renewable energy, and the environment.

Green is created when yellow and blue are mixed together.  In that sense, it has the meaning of both colors. Yellow’s clear thinking combined with blue’s peace can create a panoramic view of life.

Business Cards:

Green business cards suggest security, wealth, growth, harmony, and balance.

Green is associated with nature, health and healing, and the environment, with a sense of compassion and nurturing for all.

The darkest greens often indicate wealth and the creation of wealth.

When used on a business card a medium green color works well for businesses that promote gardening and sports like golf.  It can also be associated with social and charity workers, as well as counselors.

Olive green – You must take into account that a lot of people may have negative responses to green, even though it is a universal healing color and abundant in nature.

Dark green – the message of dark green is one of security and wealth creation – it is preferred by the wealthiest sections of the community. This could be in the form of dark green printing on a white or ivory background, or white, silver or gold printing on a dark green background, depending on the impact you wish to have.

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