Color Your Business Success: How does ORANGE impact us?

Orange suggests the following qualities: adventure, fun, optimism, affordable yet reasonable quality, sociable and easy-going natures. Lately, it seems to be used more frequently in new IT ventures. Yet, traditionally, it is the most disliked color

Color Your Business Success: How does RED impact us?

Red is the color of your blood, heat, activity and passion. Red indicates your energy and passion for your business. It must be used carefully, since it has a tendency to overwhelm people or elicit strong

Foods for Solar Plexus

Yellow is the color that relates to self worth, personality and the egos. Yellow stimulate our awareness, intellect and curiosity. Yellow fruits and vegetables are nutritional powerhouses Yellow fruits and vegetables are sunny in color and

Foods for Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra’s color orange is the color of creativity, success and self respect. Bring more joy with foods with an orange hue. They have plenty antioxidants, vitamins and fiber; they are good for your skin, eyes

Foods for your root chakra

If you go to the farmer’s market you will see the fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers. You will also see many different colors!  As we know, food is essential energy for us and the colors of

October moon

Tomorrow, friday the 18th of October 2013 is full moon. It’s time to harness the energy of the full moon to release what you no longer need and move forward. Create a list of things that

Fun and relaxed time for everyone: i-Discovery Aura-Soma introduction workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed my second i-Discovery Aura-Soma introduction workshop. Many of you drove to get to Mission Valley where my office is but one attendee drove down from the Los Angeles area. I want to take

Aura-Soma@ and Chakras

There are the 7 color energy centers within us. That is chakras. The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit language. Chakras are located along the midline of the body. Each chakra, which corresponds to 1 of

blogtalkradio interview

Lisa Jaquinto McAtamney is an artist and she has a blog radio show about artist who took the leap of faith to follow their hearts. She interviewed me today. I have never had a live experience

Beat Santa Anas and Sinus, Naturally!

Although there are four seasons in San Diego, it is hard to fully immerse myself in fall the way I experienced the season in Japan. Instead of cooling down in October, the Santa Anas make the