My chakra art: Red

Survival • Passion • Grounding • Trust • Safe • Home • Family • Prosperity I wanted to express our burning desire to live and love! • • • Melaminah Herriman and I will have this

New Moon

Yes! to your life

An interveiw by Felena Hansen

Here is the little clip about how I started my business!

Magic of Pink

Pink is an intriguing color in that it is more than just a mixture of red and white. It is a color that has a number of interesting impacts on the human mind. This may even

Color Your Business Success: How does PURPLE impact us?

Purple is the color of the dream world and indicates spiritual enlightenment. Purple often suggests high quality.  It is a good color to use in your marketing materials if your service and products aim to provide

Color Your Business Success: How does ROYAL BLUE impact us?

Royal or indigo blue is a powerful color that is connected to intuition and the right side of the brain. It stimulates creativity. It helps transform people’s beliefs and aids in developing new insights. It’s a

Color Your Business Success: How does BLUE impact us?

Blue is the color of trust.  It’s a very universal color and brings about feelings of responsibility, reliability, and confidence. It also elicits calm and peaceful feelings. It’s a good color to have surrounding us during

Color Your Business Success: How does GREEN impact us?

Green is associated with nature. It is good to convey environmental messages.  It is also a nurturing, relaxing, renewing color that evokes new life. It’s also about space, balance, and harmony. Green is also the color

Color Your Business Success: How does YELLOW impact us?

Yellow is a bright primary color that stimulates the mind and encourages creativity.  It is a good color for growing children; it helps them to get thinking and moving.  It is a color found in children’s