Kyoko’s Story Bottle #22: Yellow/Pink "The Rebirther's Bottle"

My Story

We look for answers outside of ourselves, but Aura-Soma has taught me that the answers are within.

That was something I needed to learn a few years ago, when I found myself in the midst of a mid-life transition. My daughter had left home to start her freshman year at a college. And the empty space she left behind was not only in her room, it was also in my heart.

But that wasn’t the first nor the only time I felt the need to redefine my place in the world.

Art as a way to connect and communicate

Japanese painting elements for sumieWhen I moved from my homeland of Japan to this country in my early twenties, I was far from fluent in English. But I loved to draw and create things with my hands—quilts, jewelry, sketches, greeting cards, Japanese-brush calligraphy. Art become for me a means of communication beyond language and a way to build a sense of myself in a new land.

I pursued a career in graphic design. And while raising a family here in San Diego with my American-born husband whom I’d met in Japan, I started my own business—Tanaka Graphics.

 Losing my way

As a freelance graphic designer, I helped companies and non-profit organizations establish their image through color and design. With my children growing up and needing me less and less, I immersed myself in that work. But those long hours in front of a computer screen created in me a heightened sense of isolation. Not only that, the world of graphic-arts technology and social media kept changing faster than I was able to, or wanted to.

Wishful SunsetIn ways that went beyond being born and raised in a country half a world away, I felt more than ever like a stranger in a strange land.

Adding to that were those potential clients who sometimes said, “The Eastern influence in your work is lovely, Kyoko, but it just isn’t our cup of tea.”  And even when I’d gain new clients who appreciated my Asian aesthetic, I found that the work I was doing was no longer fulfilling. I began to feel like an outsider in my own life, like the real me was hiding someplace else.

Who am I? I wondered. And why am I here on this earth?

“Aha!” moments

I believe that when we start searching in earnest for the answers to Life’s Big Questions, the universe will do its part to help us fill in the blanks.

It was then that I happened upon the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. In it he says that we—you and I—have the power to create our own legacies. At the end of our lives, it’s not the things we’ve done that we’ll regret, but rather the things we didn’t do. The chances we didn’t take. The choices we didn’t make.

“A long, healthy, and happy life is the result of making contributions, of having meaningful projects that are personally exciting and contribute to and bless the lives of others,” Covey wrote.

And just as that message was hitting home, Nature reinforced it – with a giant tsunami that swept across the land of my birth. I watched the news, witnessed the devastation, and saw how the surging sea, when it retreated, left behind a world drained of color, a world littered with debris and broken dreams.
Those images, coupled with Covey’s words, spoke to me: “Life is a gift. Appreciate it. Treasure it. And make the most of the one you’ve been given.”

Color me new

When I was growing up in Japan, girls were taught to be deferential. We weren’t encouraged to make a difference in this world. But decades later, here in America, a difference was something I longed to make. However, in order to do that, I knew I’d first have to overcome the shyness that came with my cultural background.

So in 2011, with my knees knocking and my palms sweating, I stood up at a meeting of more than 100 local business women and shared my feelings of being adrift, along with my new-found determination to live a larger life. I saw my colleagues nodding as I spoke, as if they knew exactly what I was talking about. And when they rose to their feet to applaud that spur-of-the-moment speech, I knew there was no turning back.

A change had already begun

Thanks to a book called Color Code by Tomoko Izumi, I had recently discovered the beautiful world of Aura-Soma. For me, its colorful bottles held more than essential oils, they also held answers to the questions I’d been asking.

7ChakraExploring my inner world in that way proved to be as enjoyable as it was meaningful. I soon learned that there is as much delight to be found in this journey as there is wisdom. Aura-Soma works through several senses—sight, smell, touch—offering insights into the soul, inviting balance, and creating harmony between our inner and outer selves. The essential oils of Aura-Soma can also be applied topically to soothe aching muscles, relieve minor pains, and help strengthen the immune system.  A sense of wholeness is the ultimate destination.

The insights Aura-Soma gave me into my attitudes, goals, challenges, and openness to change and growth rang true. Very true. And that led me to undertake the course of study and training to become an Aura-Soma practitioner and to delve into numerology, as well.

Aura-Soma has made a difference in my life. By becoming an Aura-soma practitioner, I hope to make a difference in the lives of others. Maybe even yours. 

You’re not alone

Here’s what I can now say with certainty: Everything you need for happiness, fulfillment, and healing is already within you. Aura-Soma is one way to unlock the door to your full potential, to become who you truly are and all that you are meant to be.

Drawing on what I’ve learned in my own life and as an Aura-Soma practitioner, I’d welcome the opportunity to help you find the key.


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