About Bottle #101: Pale Blue/Pale Olive Green "Archangel Jophiel" 

Vicky Wall, Creator of Aura-Soma

Life is full of mysteries and wonders. Vicky Wall’s creation of Aura-Soma is something of both.

noted chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist, Vicky Wall created the “equilibrium bottles” in 1983 when she was 66 years of age. At that time, she was clinically blind due to diabetes.

The seventh child of a Jewish Kabbalist teacher, she grew up well-versed in the ways of the Kabbala, the ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and happiness. From her father she also learned about plants and herbs, and like him, she had the special ability since childhood to see the colors – auras – that surround people.

She adored her father, yet she left her home at an early age due to a conflict with her stepmother. To survive, she used her knowledge of herbs to make an All Purpose Cream, a moisturizer for face and body users have called “miraculous.” She was the first woman to become a chiropodist. With her friend Margaret Cockbane, she opened an osteopathic clinic and was also one of the first women in England to practice craniosacral therapy.

The source of her inspiration

An avid meditator, in 1983 Vicky Wall began hearing the message of “divide the water” over and over during her meditation. She let that message lead her to the creation to the two-toned “equilibrium bottles” that characterize Aura-Soma. It was a totally spontaneous, inspirational act. Because of her clinical blindness, she was not able to actually see what she was creating, nor did she know then the purpose of those bottles. It was her partner, Margaret, who told her how extraordinarily beautiful they looked. Even more bewildering to Vicky was the resonant power she felt emanating from them.

The language of color

People were attracted to the bottles, more and more as time went on. And Vicky Wall continued to wonder why some were drawn to choose certain ones. What effect did their choices have on their lives? Over time she accumulated deep analytic data – data that verified and confirmed for her that fact that “Color speaks a language of its own.”

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